April, 15, 2014

savoir mode

Retail entrepreneur Brett Markinson,  founder of Sole Society and HauteLook,  launched his latest endeavor known as  Savoir Mode. Savoir Mode is an online site that gives you the first markdowns on in-season sales (unlike flash sale sites that give you markdowns on seasons old items). Thanks to the unique technology they created, Savoir Mode gives you access to the last seven days worth of designer fashion sales.

April, 14, 2014

modshopus mod shop us sadeel allam modest ethical fair trade muslim designers

The MODSHOP¬†is a U.S. based e-boutique launched by Sadeel of Sweet Modesty. Although The MODSHOP is run by Sadeel, it’s a completely different venture from her Sweet Modesty website. Sadeel’s vision is to provide modest, consciously curated fashion, while¬†reducing slave-labor and promoting fair-labor. The MODSHOP fulfills this promise by selectively choosing brands that provide these conscious, modest styles. Primary partners include modern modest clothing sites, jewelry artisans from the USA, and clothing brands from around the world.

April, 12, 2014

Athletic Pant Spring 2014 Trend Haute Muslimah DKNY BLK DNM

The athletic pant and the tuxedo/side-stripe pant are two (and two in one sometimes) of my favorite trends. Last year it was the updated sweatpants and this year it’s the updated athletic pant though either works well for this trend. ¬†You can find the side stripe on any pant- be it a sweatpants or a jean. You can read the last two posts I wrote about the fancy sweatpants look here and here. Below, I’ve chosen a few well priced options for you:

April, 11, 2014

Collarless Coats Spring 2014 Trends Haute Muslimah

The collarless coat, or rather the boxy collarless coat, is sort of a Chanel staple already. Looking at the top left photo from the Chanel Spring 2014 runway show, I’m sure that coat looks familiar to you, as it should. It’s basically the 2014 iteration of the classic tweed jacket.