October, 29, 2014


Mirror / Carpet / Accent Table / Sofa / Vase / Canvas / Figurine


I’m really enjoying getting my house together. Slowly. It’s been two years and it’s nowhere near done being decorated how I envision it. But¬†there’s something very soothing about putting things together in my mind, finding pieces I enjoy and thinking about purchases carefully. I’m not an impulse shopper.. well, rarely. And this is because I don’t just have a ton of money laying around to buy whatever crosses my eye.¬†I¬†really enjoy the process and when I find something I think would truly look fantastic, I mull it over, go over different budgets and options, talk to the hubs, and then, only then, do I commit to the purchase. Watch, next time I’m shopping, I’ll buy something on impulse just because I wrote that :P
Here are a few gorgeous pieces I’m currently eyeing. I don’t like buying sets, like an entire furniture set out of the store, but enjoy finding different pieces that complement each other. It’s a little difficult as I’ll often all in love with a particular style, change my mind, or sometimes I’ll like everything. If I’m not careful my house could end up looking like a mess. So for now, I’m searching for things that work well together but don’t necessarily match, and taking my time doing it. Next week I’ll be working on inspiration for my bedroom so be on the lookout for some fresh ideas!
What are your favorite places to shop for furniture or home decor? I need more affordable ideas!

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October, 27, 2014

hijab-ista giveaway haute muslimah free scarf hijab

Visit Hijab-ista.com to see their selections! And if you can’t wait to win, receive 10% off of your order by entering code: OCTOBER10 at checkout! There’s also free shipping on orders over $50 until the end of October. Hello ninjas, pins and sleeves, I need to welcome more to my wardrobe.

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October, 22, 2014

Boot // Bracelet // Bag // Top // Sandal // Top // Earrings // Heel


One of my favorite shopping destinations, Piperlime, is going social with a fresh new look, engaging visitors with their updated site with featured picks from celebs and style icons. The home page presents a Style Feed, a way to shop social from Instagram. Simply click on any featured outfit, and you are able to shop the look.

You can also shop specific items that celebrities¬†and style icons have chosen as favorites. The site currently¬†features the picks of many different Contributors (to be found on the left side of the site), including actress/blogger¬†Jamie Chung,¬†along with¬†Piperlime’s muse and guest editor¬†Olivia Palermo. Personally, Olivia’s picks are my favorite and generally have more affordable pieces mixed in.¬†
We’ve got you covered as well, and have chosen our favorite pieces under $100. ¬†I’m especially obsessed with that Danielle Nicole bag which is conveniently¬†on sale right now! Today only, you can also get 25% off your purchase by sharing 5 email addresses or get 20% off your order using code: ACTFAST – check out the details here, and happy shopping, kids!

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October, 18, 2014



Hey and Salam, I’m Hamdiya.¬†A little about me: I’m Indian, Ethiopian, and Turkish and majoring in¬†Advertising, in the hopes of merging advertising with my love for fashion. My mission¬†is to harness the power of the digital space, and use it as my ticket to the fashion world!

I contribute to Haute Muslimah blog posts, social media content, and outfit styling. Here are some random things to know about me. I would describe myself as creative, edgy, energized, and occasionally clumsy. My style icons are Blake Lively, Mary-Kate and¬†Ashley Olsen, and Ulyana Sergeenko. I’ve been addicted to popcorn ever since I was little. I need sugar at least three times a day. I like to occasionally channel my inner Jessica Day and do weird things… Oddly enough, Buzzfeed told me my soul mate is Jennifer Lawrence, so there you have it!

I’ve been working with The Haute Muslimah for a few months now, and I am excited to be here!¬†I love that I am connecting with fashion on a daily basis. It really makes me feel like I am working towards my future. Asma has been nice enough to let me tag along on various events which have allowed me to connect with all sorts of people. I am loving the experience, and can’t wait for what’s to come next! Follow me on¬†Instagram!


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October, 15, 2014




If you’re anything like me, this Shopbop sale might interest you. I always save up and buy my investment or statement pieces when they becomes affordable to me. What is affordable for me differs from time to time as I’m sure it does with you. I don’t usually buy a big ticket item without some thought, and I often find myself “stalking” said pieces on different websites until it either goes on sale, a discount code comes around, or I just can’t live without it. (The last is a very unlikely scenario.) I work hard for my money and I like to think I spend it wisely, and yes if my big ticket item happens to be $200 or $400, and your big ticket item runs more like $2,000 or more, this still applies, I’m sure!


This Rebecca Minkoff bag¬†is so gorgeous, just classic enough with the blush color and quilting, and just edgy enough with the black chain detailing that it’s like a siren song for me. I have a Minkoff and the quality is really amazing! And at full price it’s $195, and with 25% off (code: FAMILY25) it comes out to $146- hey! $50 off is no joke especially if you’ve been eyeing it for a while! Don’t forget, all sale items are also 25% off which is really great as most luxury shopping sites rarely have sales and I do believe Shopbop only has a sale twice a year!


What big ticket item have you been eying?


See more of my Shopbop sale picks HERE.



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