September, 2, 2014

elie saab
Elie Saab is one of those designers that are so iconic that one just can’t help perusing through some of his most stunning work, staring at details and lusting over sequins. Therefore, I have decided to share some of his most awe-inspiring gowns, in the form of close-up images dedicated to classy, quality, and timeless pieces. Enjoy…
elie saab details
elie saab details silver
elie saab couture
elie saab fall 2013 emerald dress back detail
elie saab fall winter 2013
elie saab spring summer 2012
elie saab spring summer 2013
elie saab white dress details

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August, 30, 2014


Happy Labor Day Weekend! Looking for some sales and deals? We’ve chosen a few of what we’re eyeing over here at The Haute Muslimah office (which is currently my kitchen). You’ll find items you missed out on over summer, and a couple things to transition you over to fall. Oh, and you can also hit up H&M because yea. You can. Happy shopping!


Left to Right


Watch // Jacket // Sandal 

Skirt// Clutch // Necklace // Coat

Earrings // Heel // Necklace


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August, 29, 2014
nahara haute muslimah


Nahara is a new London-based womenswear label, created  in 2013 by Dr. Sonya Ahmed. Born in Libya to Bangladeshi parents, and raised in Tripoli and Manchester, Sonya now lives in London and works as a doctor. Her line, Nahara, brings together urban British styles and traditional Islamic art. Drawing inspiration from her travels, Nahara was created as a platform to showcase the beauty of traditional art in a contemporary context.


nahara haute muslimah

Nahara allows a woman to be modern, urban, and spiritual; to be connected to her past, while living in the present. Their vision is to allow women to express the individuality and richness, without compromising style. All designs are clean cut and contemporary, yet modestly fitting. Nahara focuses on the quality of the fabric, tailoring, and subtle expression of artistic traditions. From a previous interview with HijabStyle, Sonya says: 


I had been traveling in Turkey, Kenya and Pakistan, and had come across many examples of beautiful Islamic art and architecture, as well as traditional textiles. I started to feel a sense of personal loss that here in the UK, I had little access to this rich culture. I also felt a little disappointed that in so many countries, fashion was taking a fully Western direction, while millennia-old legacies of art and design skills were being disregarded. Many of those traditional skills are still alive, of course, but often put to the task of creating low quality tourist-friendly items.








Within one year, Nahara has been featured on the runway at Urban Muslim Woman Show, and Eid in the Square. Nahara has just released a 2014 collection in collaboration with artist Samir Malik. The line features six silk scarves with abstract Arabic calligraphy designs. Their full website contains garments details as well as ordering information and prices. Initially delivery will be available in the UK and selected countries. For customers outside of these places who are interested in ordering, email click on over to Haute Arabia - they also sell Nahara scarves, and for US residents, it’s simple to use their purchasing platform.


Keep your eyes out for a selection of Nahara clothing as well, to be premiered in the coming months!


In the meantime, follow Nahara on:




*This post has been sponsored by Nahara*


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August, 25, 2014

I Instagrammed this photo last week and everyone wanted to know the recipe, so here it is. It’s so delicious, very light and summery, and there are never any leftovers!

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August, 24, 2014

I recently discovered Ahfif when I saw a few of my favorite bloggers sporting pieces from their site, so I was superly duper excited when they partnered with us at The Haute Muslimah for some ads and also sent me two gorgeous pieces from their collections! The first is the Layla Light Jersey Tunic Dress, a stunningly, drapey, long and modesty, yet utterly chic black dress/long top. It actually has this really cool element that allows you to change up the design. There are two pieces of fabric connected to the bottom sides (underneath) that you can pull up and tie around the back of your neck (it stays hidden) that pulls up the fabric on either or both sides to give it a more ruched look on both sides. For these photos though, I kept it simple and didn’t pull up either tie. You can head on over to Ahfif to see how it looks pulled up.

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