November, 13, 2010

So most of you probably already know that you can shop designer on, though, is an easier way to shop new and used items.

But did you know that designers are making special collections to be sold on Ebay for fractions of the cost that they sell in stores?! Yup, it’s true. And in Fall 2011, we should be able to purchase some fresh designer duds from a special Derek Lam collection.

Designer Derek Lam

The cool thing about this collaboration though is, get ready for it, you (and me) get to help choose what designs Ebay will sell.
Ok, so here’s how it goes- In Febuary of next year, 2011, Derek Lam will show his collection in a special presentation, and we, the buyers, get to go to and choose what we want them to sell. So his original ready-to-wear designs (sorry, no couture here) can be viewed by everybody, and we get to choose which of the designs we really want Ebay to sell.

Now, judging by the prices of Narcisco Rodriguez’s line for Ebay earlier this year, I can guess that Derek Lam’s collection will still be a bit expensive, and out of the price range for many…probably myself included :(

Oh well, here’s to hoping!

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  • Sayeeda

    I go here all the time. Its great for not just fashion but other things as well.