November, 15, 2013

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a few of my picks above

As you may have heard if you’re a fan on Facebook (and if you aren’t, I definitely recommend it because my FB is full of fun articles, tidbits, sale alerts and generally other majorly awesome and fun-ish things), I’m excited to announce that I’m working with Rue La La and get to take part in their Holiday Wish List on Facebook! What does this mean? Let me explain- (and if you don’t care what this means and you just want to see the wish list then Click Here!)

So I get this fantastical email from the folks at Rue La La asking me if I wanted to take part in their Holiday Wish List campaign. Um YES! I shouted. Just kidding. I screamed.and fist pumped. a couple times. don’t judge at least I didn’t play air guitar…

As a Muslim though, I was afraid if I told them I don’t celebrate Christmas they’d be like oh no, jk we retract our email. In all honesty, not all companies are very open and diverse when it comes to working with bloggers and this is something I’ve experienced first hand. So I told them, that although some of my readers do celebrate Christmas, many of them (us,me,we) celebrate our Islamic Holiday called Eid, and is it cool if I talk about that as well. They replied back with a resounding Yes, and of course! They mentioned that one of the reasons they reached out to me, because of the diversity I’d bring to the campaign. And I love that. As far as I know, I’m the only Muslim blogger as part of their campaign and I appreciate the support from you all.

I tend to take my time searching for gifts for friends and family for Eid. So when I find something I think somebody on my gift list would absolutely love, I buy it- even if it’s month’s in advance. I find that I can save money this way and also not take part in that last minute frenetic holiday rush.

So take a look through my finely curated Wish List, and please don’t buy that Prada picture by Oliver Gal because I want it and I don’t want it to sell out!

Click Here to view my Rue La La Wish List!


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