April, 29, 2015



NOMA Los Angeles sent me these gorgeous scarves a few months ago. Their scarves are made using high quality pashmina, and are hand-dyed for a delicate, and luxurious feel. Their pashminas are a heavier fabric, perfect for cooler months. This scarf is fantastically soft and luscious. The first time I wore it, a friend commented that she loved it so much, she wanted it for herself. I’m happy to share, but I won’t be giving it up any time soon!

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April, 24, 2015



Zeena has partnered with Islamic Relief to launch Right to Relax. As many of you know, Zeena has been a long time supporter of women’s issues across the globe. This new initiative seeks to free every woman in the US from the threat of violence. 


In light of this partnership,  Zeena’s bringing back their #1 seller, the Relaxed Cotton-T, but there’s a great catch. With every purchase, $10 will go to the IRUSA domestic violence program. Their goal is to sell 2,000 tees, making the donation a whopping $20,000! Zeena has until May 31st to reach their goal. You can take a part in helping end domestic violence – because every woman has the right to feel as safe and comfortable as we feel in cotton! By the way, this cotton tee is really comfortable. I’ve used mine to run around, take the kids to the park, and to work out. It’s really versatile and will definitely add some comfort and modest style to your wardrobe.





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April, 20, 2015


In 2014 Al Shams launched as a luxury line for Muslimahs with styles that embody elegance, sophistication, and modesty. Founded by Wall Street Attorney, former undercover NYPD officer, US Army Veteran and practicing Muslimah, Kim Shamsiddin is the founder and creative director of Al Shams Exceptional Islamic Apparel. Al Shams is a sophisticated young brand that dares you to embrace the regal Muslimah you are!  


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April, 9, 2015



Have you ever been at a wedding, or party, and been on your feet for hours, while your feet cry and your face tries not to? You know, from the pain your poor suffering feet are going through. From your ridiculously uncomfortable heels? Yep, that’s me! All the time. I was recently sent these Julie Lopez shoes and right on time to be honest. Let me tell you what happened the day before I received these shoes…


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April, 8, 2015



Here’s the second of the Modanisa posts. The first can be seen here (that dress was my favorite of the bunch).


Paulina, my gorg model mashAllah, absolutely loved this one though. It was her favorite because of the studded peter pan collar. The faux leather trim on the high-low hem and along the sleeves make for a more visually interesting outfit. The texture, along with the collar keep it up-to-date and so fun to wear. The shoes worn in these images are super comfortable Julie Lopez heels (this pair to be exact). I paired this dress with a classic quilted bag and skinny pants bunched at the bottom.


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April, 2, 2015



If I were to compare Modanisa to another store, I would say it’s similar to ASOS but with hijab fashion. They sell a huge variety of clothing, from many different designers, as well as accessories and shoes. Personally, I love their clothing selection. One of the items I chose was this loose, one-size-fits-all tunic dress in black. First of all, I love black. I just can’t deny it any longer. It’s my go-to, and I tend to add color through accessories. 

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