June, 25, 2015



Hallmark recently released a collection of cards called, Hallmark Signature, with each card expressly handcrafted with beautiful papers, rich textures and fun embellishments, making each card extra special. “They’re stylish. They’re sophisticated. They’re truly unique, just like a signature.” 


So here’s the backstory:

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June, 24, 2015



Tuleenshop is a premier, high-end brand for modest women. Bringing you fresh scarf prints, elegance and class remain their top priority. Tuleenshop provides a wide selection of hijabs in beautiful colors and high quality natural material. Tuleenshop launched in 2010 with aims to provide modest clothing and accessories with an elegant touch. Their clothing collection is undergoing a revamp and will be launching soon. However, Tuleenshop is constantly working on keeping their collection of scarves and jewelry fashionable and up to date. They have a beautiful selection of jewelry and hijab pins to go with their scarves. 


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June, 22, 2015

austin-fashion-week-haute-muslimah-outfit-peeks-Me. My Henri Bendel Bag. A Friend. AFW.-


I had the pleasure of attending Austin Fashion Week last month at Austin Music Hall in downtown Austin, Texas. Surprisingly, I haven’t been to a ton of fashion shows in my relatively long career as a fashion blogger. I know the glossy New York Fashion Week shows, and I’ve been to some smaller modest, Muslim fashion shows, but I really didn’t know what to expect here. I was honestly a little afraid it would be cheesy or lame and that I’d have to act impressed when I wasn’t. 


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June, 9, 2015



We wrote about Mango’s Ramadan Collection last week, and many of you seemed just as unimpressed as I was. Fortunately for those of you in the Middle East, Tommy Hilfiger‘s Ramadan and Eid Capsule Collection comes out in stores on June 15th! I am definitely loving these looks- they’re so much more chic and modest. I would actually wear these Tommy pieces, in fact, I’m kind of bummed I won’t ever be able to purchase them because I live in the US. Ugh, when will designers realize Muslims live everywhere? And that all Muslims celebrate Eid and Ramadan? Once step at a time I suppose.


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May, 30, 2015


Spanish fashion chain Mango, launches a new Ramadan collection on June 8th! The collection will consist of mainly evening wear for women. Apparently this isn’t something new. Mango has been creating Ramadan collections for it’s Muslim shoppers in other parts of the world for some time now. 

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May, 27, 2015



Oooh fun, look it’s a Kardashian wearing a niqab… 


Khloe Kardashian took a selfie while covering her hair and face in Dubai. She posted the selfie on Instagram with the caption “Habibi Love”.


…and it doesn’t really bother me. What are your thoughts?


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