November, 21, 2014

haute muslimah ear cuff


Edgy, bohemian, or elegant- ear cuffs are one of my favorite trends in jewelry right now. They’re always stylish and statement-making, and we’ve picked a few of our favorites for you to look through below (just click on it to see the price or buy). Cara Delevigne just rocks that piece of jewelry above! Peruse through for more ways to wear it! How do you feel about this look? Would you wear an ear cuff?



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November, 13, 2014


Perfect for traveling, running errands, for moms (or anyone) needing a bag that leaves your hands free to wipe snotty noses (your kids, or maybe your own, hey, it’s cold outside!), ¬†and hold your coffee, all while still looking chic. Yes, this is possible with these new, gorgeous and ridiculously stylish backpacks. Generally thought of as a way to lug your school books around, this new iteration is used in place of a purse. Arguably a crossbody bag worn across your shoulder will also leave you hands-free, but the backpack will equalize the pressure on your shoulders and back by distributing it more evenly… unless you wear it slung across one shoulder like I used to do in high school. Because I thought it looked cool. Well, guess what, it still works as you can see in the image above.
My absolute favorite right now is this one, although below are a few more options with more affordable price tags. Keep reading for more ways to style a backpack!


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November, 7, 2014

Haute Muslimah SJP 90s comeback trend


It’s always a great day when modest fashion is on trend. Muslimah’s have been sporting this look for years, and now we are finally getting some credit for it. Here is fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker donning one of our favorite looks. I mean, c’mon, it’s the perfect modest, put together, yet completely stylin’ outfit!


We put together two different outfit stylings to fit your level of comfort. Take advantage of the trend while you can ladies! Or if you’re like me, buck the trend and where what works all the time! You can click on the photo to shop the item.



Asos Pant // Asos Dress // DV Bootie 


Piperlime Dress // ModCloth Laced Bootie // Asos Flare Pant


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November, 5, 2014

fashion me now

I’m really loving the athletic, minimal vibe going on right now. Lucy from Fashion Me Now¬†is one of my fashion crushes. Loving what she’s doing right here- it’s comfy, but still stylish. Dressing down is the new dressing up. Below are a few similar selections if you’re interested. The Rebecca Minkoff backpack is the perfect compliment.



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October, 29, 2014


Mirror / Carpet / Accent Table / Sofa / Vase / Canvas / Figurine


I’m really enjoying getting my house together. Slowly. It’s been two years and it’s nowhere near done being decorated how I envision it. But¬†there’s something very soothing about putting things together in my mind, finding pieces I enjoy and thinking about purchases carefully. I’m not an impulse shopper.. well, rarely. And this is because I don’t just have a ton of money laying around to buy whatever crosses my eye.¬†I¬†really enjoy the process and when I find something I think would truly look fantastic, I mull it over, go over different budgets and options, talk to the hubs, and then, only then, do I commit to the purchase. Watch, next time I’m shopping, I’ll buy something on impulse just because I wrote that :P
Here are a few gorgeous pieces I’m currently eyeing. I don’t like buying sets, like an entire furniture set out of the store, but enjoy finding different pieces that complement each other. It’s a little difficult as I’ll often all in love with a particular style, change my mind, or sometimes I’ll like everything. If I’m not careful my house could end up looking like a mess. So for now, I’m searching for things that work well together but don’t necessarily match, and taking my time doing it. Next week I’ll be working on inspiration for my bedroom so be on the lookout for some fresh ideas!
What are your favorite places to shop for furniture or home decor? I need more affordable ideas!

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