February, 13, 2015
“This is something we could not dream of 15, or 20 years ago”
-Karl Lagerfeld

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February, 4, 2015



Chunky knits so large you could physically hide in. Sweaters from head to heels. If those are questions the answer is yes! These clothes are easy to find, easy to wear, and will obviously keep you very warm for winter. Or if you’re like me and always cold, they’ll keep your cozy through cool spring nights. Of course the argument for high-priced designer knits such as these, are that you could probably wear them forever. Or at least until they fall apart, which one would hope would be never considering the price of one… but I digress. 


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February, 2, 2015



Baraka Women is “Fashion for Modest Lovers.” This fresh label seeks to inspire the love of modesty, with great fabrics and unique clothes. Headed by designer Eisha Saleh in Australia, the brand prides itself in being a boutique that champion’s individuality and uniqueness. And with the philosophy to not strictly follow trends, Baraka Women provides women with the freedom to create their own look. Take any of their versatile staple pieces, which are long, layerable, and minimalist, and style it your own way.


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January, 22, 2015

kendra scott 2015 haute muslimah


 Yesterday, Kendra Scott launched her new spring line, Avant Garden. The play on words perfectly fits the line with all things natural, new and unexpected. The highlights of this line feature mesmerizing kyocera opal, and blushing hues of rose quartz, while combining elements of beauty with fresh, modern style.


“Welcome to Avant Garden, where fashion’s most innovative styles are brought to life with organic elegance. With the Spring 2015 runways of Marni, Oscar de la Renta and Noon by Noor blossoming in expressions of curated botanicals, Kendra looks to nature for a refreshingly modern radiance.


Imagine wandering through the untamed beauty of rare crystal caves and adorn yourself in organic elements. Crystal spears inspire striking metallic silhouettes while unique stone facets enhance each piece with a handcrafted modernism. Mirroring a prism of light that glistens from crystal’s natural angles, dazzling kyocera opal stones in bright white and aqua hues reflect an earthly brilliance.”


kendra scott 2015 haute muslimah


Classic Kendra Scott pieces embody spring tones, while new designs have also been introduced. Each piece looks so natural and rich, as if  plucked from a magical garden of jewels. This stunning collection commands the attention of all; the girly girl, the edgy, and the bohemian. Below are a few of my favorites from the new collection. You can hover over any of them to see the price, and click on them to purchase. Which are your favorites?




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January, 21, 2015

ascia akf ralph lauren gift


Blogger extraordinaire, Ascia AKF recently posed for a few Instagram shots for two large fashion brands- Ralph Lauren and Net-a-Porter. The wide leg jersey pants styled with the sweater and grey turban are beautiful.

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