November, 7, 2014

Haute Muslimah SJP 90s comeback trend


It’s always a great day when modest fashion is on trend. Muslimah’s have been sporting this look for years, and now we are finally getting some credit for it. Here is fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker donning one of our favorite looks. I mean, c’mon, it’s the perfect modest, put together, yet completely stylin’ outfit!


We put together two different outfit stylings to fit your level of comfort. Take advantage of the trend while you can ladies! Or if you’re like me, buck the trend and where what works all the time! You can click on the photo to shop the item.



Asos Pant // Asos Dress // DV Bootie 


Piperlime Dress // ModCloth Laced Bootie // Asos Flare Pant


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August, 20, 2014


Top // Purse // Pants // Wedges 

Summer to Fall fashion made possible by Jessica Alba.¬†Here is a great way to start incorporating fall pieces into your wardrobe. ¬†One of our favorite fall 2014 trends is the palazzo pant. You really get the best of both worlds with a high waist and wide legs, that keep you feeling comfortable and looking classy! You can make Jessica Alba’s look possible with a pair
crisp, high-waisted sailor pants  (on sale for $35!) a simple tucked-in shirt, neutral nude wedges, and a black and white purse . 


As always, click on the image above or the links to shop each item!




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August, 18, 2014


“Subtlety is a word we use all the time. It’s about the clothes not wearing you. That’s quite hard to find in fashion. I think modesty is very sexy”. – Ashley Olsen. Harper’s Bazaar UK, September 2014




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August, 14, 2014


For all you party people out there, this one’s for you!! Ok, I’ll calm down a little. But here are two modest party-wear inspirations for you guys this weekend! Keep reading to see how you¬†can achieve this resort¬†runway look and Poppy Delevingne’s edgy look for less.


The first is a soft and feminine look from the runway. I have added three different shirt lengths and designs to fit your personal style. First is a short sleeve floral cropped top,  a  mid-sleeve floral top, and a long sleeve floral mesh shirt. Each have different floral designs that will go great with the pink skirt. End the look with some ultra funky green heels, I mean check out the clip fastening!


Now if edgy is what you are going for, Poppy Delevinge’s look is a must. You can pull this off with a navy blue blazer, a simple black top, and a layered gold chain necklace. The pants by Calvin Klein are just as cool as the one Poppy is sporting! Finish it up with black heels and you are good to go!


As always, click on the image above or the links to shop each item!




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June, 12, 2014

I’m due for a haircut, like I am about twice a year. Sometimes I like a big change and other times I just want a trim. I have to admit though, after the second kid, I tend to go for more dramatic changes, I think it’s wanting to reinvent myself without actually reinventing myself. With kids it’s almost like things don’t change forever, and then all of a sudden they do, and you’re sort of lost. Well, I’m at the things seem to be staying the same part of my life and I’m looking for a fun new cut to make me feel, umm, young again?

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